About Steven Battelle

Steven Battelle - Mansoor - Jewelers - Palo Alto

Meet Steven Battelle, Designer

Following an unexpected trip to South East Asia in 1987, Steven became fascinated with the imagery and ornamentation of the ancient cultures of Majapahit Java and pre-European Siam. Drawn particularly to large cabochon (un-faceted) stones, with which the first jewelry from all the ancient cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Asia was made, 

Steven handpicks unusual precious and semiprecious stones that often carry with them some manner of inherent imperfections. The natural characteristics of the stone become a part of the feeling and energy of the piece. Utilizing both painstaking traditional handmade techniques and current processes, he has developed a line of jewelry that melds the classic contours of these ancient motifs into objects of functional and timeless beauty.

Besides the jewelry designs which he continues to elaborate and develop, he has in the last few years become interested in ancient coinage from the past civilizations of Greece and Rome. For those who have an interest in history, these are incorporated into jewelry with classic designs that might have been produced in those bygone times. 

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