Repair & Refurbish

Repair & Refurbish

Mansoor Fine jewelers - Custom Services
Every piece of jewelry has a story….

Sometimes it’s a platinum and diamond engagement ring that gets caught in a running garbage disposal, or perhaps your great grandmothers vintage moonstone and diamond brooch that you would like to convert to a pendant, or that “interesting” 1950’s sapphire ring from your late Aunt Fifi that no one in the family wants to wear…..whatever the situation, we have a solution for it! 

You can entrust your jewelry with us to perform:

  • Hand Engraving by the extremely talented Marlen Hazel (AQ)
  • Meticulous machine engraving ($30+)
  • Laser soldering for delicate antiques and gemstone pieces ($30+)
  • Ring sizing for gold, platinum, silver & palladium rings ($30-$120+) Sadly, base-metal costume rings cannot be resized.
  • Plating in 24kt, 22kt, 18kt,14kt, 10kt yellow gold, 14kt rose gold, rhodium & black rhodium to alter or refresh any piece of precious metal jewelry ($ 40+) 
  • Prong work ($30-120+)
  • Reinforcing of bezel settings ($40+)
  • Refinishing + Polishing of platinum, gold, or silver pieces ($40+)
  • Gem setting ($20-$80+)
  • Matching and replacement of missing gems (AQ)
  • Lapidary work: Gemstone + diamond polishing, cutting and re-cutting ($90+)
  • Restringing + knotting @ $3.5/inch plus $12 for gold bullion
 Basic bi-yearly ring check-up and cleaning- a spa service for your ring, (on the house)

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