About Kothari

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meet tej kothari, designer

kothari was established in 2009 after tej kothari designed jewelry for 14 years for his family business. his designs are based on the details + proportions of beautiful antique jewelry viewed thru a lens of modern + minimalist aesthetic with a filter of nature + its tiniest wonders. each piece has character derived from being hand crafted + visual balance + wearability all of which are immediately evident as soon as one picks up one of his designs. all stones are custom cut or hand selected and primarily set in 18k gold though he does not shy away from experimenting with other metals.
all pieces are meticulously crafted with attention to detail so you enjoy wearing them today. however the design aesthetic lends to a timeless elegance that will age gracefully. even as tej's design vocabulary grows and morphs you will always find that each piece is uniquely kothari.

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